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Personalized services with a smile!

I’ve been to several spas in the Seattle area but like this one the best because of the personalized attention. While other spas give excellent service, it sometimes feels like you’re just another client. Patti greets you with a genuinely warm smile and treats you like an old friend. I highly recommend the facials. My last facial was the best I’ve ever had, even compared to other spas that I’ve been to in other parts of the world. My face was smooth and hydrated for weeks! I also recommend the pedicure. Imagine lying down for a pedicure instead of sitting up. It’s so much more comfortable! I gave my husband a scalp massage as a gift and he loved it! The spa is small but it’s inviting, relaxing, and clean with excellent ambiance. As a heads up, since the spa is suitable for 1-2 persons, if you arrive before the previous client is finished, just wait in the hall on the chair or roam the halls. I frequently recommend this spa to my friends and family.  Posted by EmeraldCritic

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