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An amazingly unique nurturing spa experience that is personal and luxurious at the same time

I moved to Seattle this summer and, at the same time, I was planning my wedding remotely (we had the ceremony in Michigan). I wanted find a relaxing spa for a manicure and a pedicure for the event – working in Fremont I was fortunate to find this gem! Let’s start with the space itself – this is a small, quite personal spa – you don’t get the noise of a busy salon and you are not rushed though your service to accommodate the next client. The colors and fabrics are soothing and relaxing. The minute you enter the spa the relaxation begins and you’re transported out of the daily cares. The products used during the services are luxurious – locally sourced, they nourish the body. It doesn’t hurt that they smell wonderful!!! Patti’s technique is first rate – I’ve had manicures and pedicures before – I wouldn’t go anywhere else after this! Patti doesn’t rush, doesn’t skimp on product, and the massage is wonderful. Also, Patti is sensitive to when I as a client need to quietly relax and enjoy the experience or when I’m interested in conversation and learning more about how to take better care of myself with the types of alternative products available. Her information is based on well researched information … I enjoy the conversation as much as the pampering. If you have never tried a personal spa, I strongly recommend giving this a try. I’ll also admit I was amazed – Earthly Rituals offers all of this for basically the same price I’ve paid at big noisier spas located in hair salons. I love it!
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